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chat bot

This one’s a game changer. Have a natter with your future customers whilst they’re browsing your website, answer any questions they have, and close the sale there and then! And you can set out of office hours, so you’re not interrupted after you close for the day. Linked straight to your mobile phone, chatting has never been easier, and can be done from the office, out and about, or even from the comfort of your own home.

social media feeds

After putting so much effort into your social media, it’d be a shame not to use it to give your website a fresh look every time you post! From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram to YouTube, any content you add to social media can be fed to your website automatically, meaning that you don’t have to spend your valuable time duplicating content.

mobile optimisation

This probably shouldn’t be a feature … it’s something you’d come to expect. You’ve seen it before – text overlapping, mahoosive images; when it goes wrong, it goes wrong. That’s why every single one of our web design packages includes full mobile optimisation for phones and tablets. After all, when 53% of all website traffic is by a mobile phone, it’s never been more important to get this right.

contact forms

We offer unlimited custom Contact Forms with all of our web design packages. Features like radio buttons, drop down menus and tick boxes will help you identify your customer’s needs, and they’re protected from spam with reCAPTCHA. The forms are completely custom built to your needs; want to ask your customer what they ate for tea last night? Go right ahead!

google integrations

Fancy a Google Form built in to your site, or an extract from a live Google Sheet available to customers? We can certainly do this for you! These are great ways to show off statistics or prices that might change daily; if you don’t want the faff of updating the website daily, update your database and within 5 minutes your website will be showing your new figures!

interactive price / order builder

Particularly effective for anyone with complex pricing dependent on whether customers pick certain options (think insurance, *shudder*), these advanced price builders guide your customers through an interactive system that builds their price as it goes. Customers can then enter their email for a quote sent to them! If you’d like to see one in action, just head to our pricing page – we have one all setup.


Data is king these days, right? We’ll integrate your site with Google Analytics and provide you logins, so that you can explore a huge amount of data at your fingerprints. From the source of your visitors, to how long they spend on each page, and where they eventually leave, just to name a few, the statistics available to you are powerful and guiding. We’ll even collate this into a monthly report for you, if you’d like!

online booking system

If you own a business like a hairdressers or beauty salon, you might like to consider offering appointments to clients that can be booked online. We can create an advanced online booking system, with multiple durations for different services, holiday booking and multiple staff! Better yet, unlike most managed services out there, our booking systems do not take a commission from each sale.

user accounts

Want to offer subscribers access to your site exclusive content? Equip your company with an Intranet for training and news? Or how about offer online rewards to your most loyal customers? Create user accounts for your customers or colleagues, along with additional functions such as ‘forgotten password’ and two factor authentication.

online store

Starting an online store can rocket your business into the worldwide marketplace, with customers across the globe placing orders and making payments through your site. Our online stores include product pages with built in categories and reviews, basket system, voucher codes, online payments, delivery calculations, an integrated stock system and more!

and everything else...

… that you’d come to expect from web design! Want a big banner showing off a sale? How about a button that squiggles when you hover over it? A before and after image with an interactive slider? And popups showcasing your newest release, or notifying users of your cookie policy. All that and more is yours with our web design packages, so that your website can look be as modernistic as possible!

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